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This time it's two movies that Quentin Tarantino said were influences on his new movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: first we get Van Heflin, Tab Hunter and Kathryn Grant in Phil Karlson's Gunman's Walk then we move on to Arizona Raiders starring Audie Murphy and Buster Crabbe.


Saddle up, cowboys and cowgirls and cowthem.


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This time around, I look at the prophetic and slightly pathetic 1979 American satirical comedy Americathon starring John Ritter, Zane Buzby and Peter Riegert. If you ever wanted to see Meat Loaf fight a car, this is the movie for you. I also waffle about watching movies in the cinema as opposed to home screens.


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Back from hiatus, I take a look at a stylistically interesting biblical epic, 1954's The Silver Chalice with Paul Newman, Pier Angeli and Jack Palance, then to a 1952 hidden gem of a film noir with absolutely no dialogue at all, The Thief, starring Ray Milland and Rita Gam.


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