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December 23, 2016  

This time around, after a rough year for many of us, it's a music episode with optimistic, upbeat music for the end of the year. Enjoy the season however you perceive it.


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December 11, 2016  

This time it's two obscure but worthwhile movies based on novels by John D. MacDonald, who was born a century ago this year. First Man-Trap from 1961 - directed by Edmond O'Brien and starring Jeffrey Hunter, David Janssen and Stella Stevens, then A Flash of Green from 1985 starring Ed Harris, Richard Jordan and Blair Brown.


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November 26, 2016  

For 201 we look at two movies on a similar subject from either end of the War. First off we have Charlie Chaplin's 1940 comedy The Great Dictator starring Paulette Goddard and Reginald Owens, then we go to 1961 for Stanley Kramer's Judgement at Nuremberg starring Spencer Tracy, Maximllian Schell, Burt Lancaster and Richard Widmark.


A very heavy episode to record but scarily timely.


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November 19, 2016  

For the big Two Double Zero Alisa Krasnostein and I take a look at two 'women's films' from 1965. First off, it's Love Has Many Faces starring Lana Turner, Hugh O'Brian and Cliff Robertson, then it's time for Sylvia starring Caroll Baker and George Maharis.    Plus there is feedback.    Support the podcast via Patreon.

October 29, 2016  

This time it's Krimi vs Mamet with 1965's The Trygon Factor starring Stewart Granger and Susan Hampshire and then the 1991 David Mamet crime drama Homicide starring Joe Mantegna and William H. Macy. Weird rich people, nuns and Robert Morley vs what the old whore told William H Macy.

October 15, 2016  

This time it's Shakespeare versus Alistair Sim with a look at the first Technicolor Shakespeare adaptation, Laurence Olivier's 1944 Henry V. Then it's on to 1959 for the comedy of manners, School For Scoundrels starring Ian Carmichael, Alistair Sim and Terry-Thomas.

October 1, 2016  

This time around, we look at two really gear movies. First, A Hard Day's Night from 1964 and Help! from 1965, both starring The Beatles. These movies show the anarchic zaniness to the 1960s. Both were made predominately to sell records to teenagers. One is better than the other.

September 18, 2016  

For this week's podcast, I look at two films that weren't really appreciated at the time of their release. The first of these is Anthony Mann's historical epic from 1964 - The Fall Of The Roman Empire starring Stephen Boyd, Sophia Loren and Alec Guinness and the second is an Elia Kazan movie from 1960, Big River starring Montgomery Clift, Lee Remick and Jo Van Fleet. Both films didn't get enough love and both have something important to say politically.

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September 3, 2016  

This time, to celebrate the life of Gene Wilder who stepped on the rainbow this week, I take a look at his work and career and explain what was magical about this strange-looking and extremely talented man.

August 19, 2016  

Two very different movies this time. The definitive and classic version of Oscar Wilde's 1895 play The Importance Of Being Earnest (1952) starring Michael Redgrave, Joan Greenwood and Margaret Rutherford, then we move to 1969 for a forgotten but gritty drama The Reckoning starring Nicol Williamson and Anne Bell. We go from upper class frippery to working class angst in one fell podcast.


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